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Musician & Best Selling Author 

Tommy Scherer

In many ways, Tommy’s passion for music came into being after he met someone who became a great friend and mentor. This friend had helped Tommy to see beyond the ordinary and to aspire to achieve some of the same great qualities for himself and others.

As he pursued his own path in life, he realized music could help others in many different ways and this became his passion.

Over the years, he’s created music with the intention to connect and help the listeners, as they traveled their own paths in life.  It’s music to be enjoyed, to help, to educate, to think and to feel.  

To date, Tommy has created hundreds of original works that reflect all which is possible in life.  His newest release is “It’s Up to You.”

Its Up to You

Music & Lyrics by Tommy Scherer

Tommy’s newest release, “It’s Up to You” is a compilation ranging from “countryish” (San Bernardino) to 50’s style (Saturday Night Alone Again). They’re original songs with inspiring messages designed to get one thinking beyond everyday things. (Past Lives, Unbelievable, Downward Spiral Blues).    

As in all Tommy’s music, you’ll enjoy great melodies, strong harmonies, an opportunity to see beyond and question if there’s more than what meets the eye. 

The Downward Spiral Blues
The Kissing Song
It Must Be You

San Bernardino
Saturday Night Alone Again
Maggies Song

It’s Up To You
Pickle Song
Past Lives


Tommy’s newest CD Release, “It’s Up to You” is now available!  Get your copy today, or download the music to your favorite device.

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“Don’t go and run for cover, don’t go and blame another anymore

 Cause you’ve got all the cards my friend, don’t pretend that you’ve been dealt a bad hand.”

–  From “It’s Up To You”

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